Body heat generation leading to fat loss

How body heat generation leads to fat loss? If your body emits more heat you have more of what is called non-shivering thermogenesis. Basically where your body is taking calories that you consume and emitting them as heat. It all has to do with something called brown adipose tissue. We could change our bodies to have more of this brown adipose tissue in our bodies. When you eat food, what you need to focus on is not energy but whether the food emits heat or not. The advantage you can get from that food is essentially you can burn calories at a standstill. It is a short circuit at the cellular level where that energy is thrown into a malfunction. That energy just gets dissipated and released as heat.

Cold exposure | Body heat generation leading to fat loss

Shivering is the best way you can dissipate heat. But shivering thermogenesis is very different from non-shivering thermogenesis. Here, you want your body to create some tissue that just creates heat for you. It keeps you warm and it burns fat. So the first thing that you can do is cold exposure. The heat you can produce by cold exposure can connect with your daily routine. Having a gold bath and staying in a cold environment will be effective. But you can’t get the maximum results by just putting yourself in an ice bath. Introduce yourself slowly to the ambient temperature. Let your body warm up to its normal temperature. The cold enlivenment you get by turning your AC machine to around 60 degrees is sufficient. Thus the most important thing here is mental resilience. When you do something to lose weight, do it for yourself just by applying it to your lifestyle.

Aerobic exercises | Body heat generation leading to fat loss

The next thing we don’t know for sure is that exercise increases brown adipose tissue. It increases mitochondrial density through Mitochondrial Biogenesis. So we create more tissue which can produce heat. A protein called an Erison involves here which is helpful in this process. This protein is responsible for sort of the mRNA expression that ultimately leads to the uncoupling proteins being created. Ultimately, this short circuit creates heat. Aerobic exercise is what creates this Erison protein that stimulates mitochondrial Biogenesis that creates brown fat. Resistance training or any other exercise doesn’t do this. The only thing you can do is cardio to produce heat to create brown adipose tissue. Cardio every day will not be giving the maximum benefit you are eagerly waiting for. But you can apply a simple trick here. You can redesign your everyday plan by adding fasting to it while doing aerobic exercises. When you’re fasting, there’s remodelling of your gut microbiome that influences your brown adipose tissue. Also, if you’re going to be doing aerobic exercise, doing it in a fast state might be more advantageous. You will be getting both the advantages which are fat burning effect and more mitochondrial density when you’re in a fasted state. Anytime you’re increasing the mitochondrial density, you’re increasing your ability to emit heat.

Green tea | Body heat generation leading to fat loss

Green tea is the best source of food products, actually a healthy drink which is responsible for the production of brown fat. Add green tea to your diet. It’s so simple and easy. The catechins like EGCG which green tea is composed of are important during this process of producing brown fat thereby producing more heat. These compounds that are in green tea are not caffeinated which decaf green tea means. Trying adding green tea to your diet will be helpful as it doesn’t make you feel like you need to stand up and get active to burn fat. It just does its duty for your resting fat loss.

Low carbohydrate diet | Body heat generation leading to fat loss

Low carb diet is the next factor we need to pay attention to. According to various scientists, we can learn that when carbs were high and glucose was high that it affected the cell so that the cell was not emitting heat as much. So it was down-regulating the effectiveness of the brown fat. So the best diet routine you need to follow is the ketogenic diet. You can just go on a low carb too if you don’t like doing keto. The ketogenic diet enhances energy inefficiency by allowing us to dissipate more energy as heat.  Periodically, maybe on the days that you do your fasted exercise, you can still do keto. It is not like strict keto or an everyday diet.  It won’t be something that you are putting so much effort to and doesn’t mean that you are committing to that lifestyle

Melatonin | Body heat generation leading to fat loss

And then the last thing that you can try is to get more melatonin. Don’t push yourself to consume supplements or get melatonin through any direct source. Because it won’t be an important thing. Getting in melatonin through your food will be easier and more natural. So that you can live your life. Try to get more melatonin by consuming tart cherry juice. It corrected negative metabolic issues associated with brown fat. The scientific side of this is going to do something far more than it seems. Melatonin binding to a receptor in a portion of our brain seems to have an impact. This affects how we turn fat into brown fat. Once you start getting a good circadian cycle going, melatonin production will increase at the right time. This will lead to fat loss through the production of brown fat.

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