How to reduce loose skin in buttocks, arms and belly after weight loss and reduce stretch marks

After losing huge body fat stretch marks and loose skin remains in various parts of the body. So, how to reduce stretch marks and loose skin in the buttocks, arms and belly after weight loss? Fasting and how proper implementation of certain foods can truly make a difference in terms of your loose skin. Some come down with genetics. Specifically when we talk about fasting, topical factors and stretch marks. Those genetic variations can be altered if you follow these correctly.

Stretch marks probably going to appear when you gain weight and lose that bunch of weight. People get a lot of loose skin after their weight loss journey and they think that it’s too late to rebuild and get that beautiful look they dreamed of. They think they can’t do anything about it. But you can reduce that loose skin, you can get rid of that. But the best course of action is to try to follow these measures while you’re losing weight.

Fasting | how to reduce loose skin in buttocks, arms and belly after weight loss and reduce stretch marks

How fasting reduces loose skin? Implementing fasting into your daily routine makes it reduces loose skin as it activates a lot of autophagy. Just have the idea that autophagy is the key to basically keeping our skin healthy, but preventing loose skin. Autophagy is very critical in collagen formation and collagen utilisation within the body. According to various studies, as you age, the fibroblast becomes sort of clogged with cellular waste parts, and because they become so clogged, autophagy cannot function well. The function of autophagy is to recycle old parts of cells. The cells recycle and utilised to make you stronger. Cells consume parts that are weak or dying and use those as fuel for themselves. So, stronger cells are survived. But with age, the efficiency of happening autophagy will be less. The reason that people end up with loose skin and saggy skin as they get older is the lesson amount of autophagy. But improving it is not an impossible thing if attention is paid to the ratio of waste production to autophagic flux.

When you are fasting, there is a period without eating. It makes our body has no choice but to tap into its cellular energy as the source of energy. The cells then start eating these old cellular waste parts. Speeding up digesting the cellular waste frees up the collagen to get elasticity again giving our skin elasticity.

Moisturizing | how to reduce loose skin in buttocks, arms and belly after weight loss and reduce stretch marks

So the next factor is what you can do topically. Using a good moisturizer to prevent saggy loose skin is a must. People tend to think that moisturising is only important if you’re gaining weight. Pregnant women use moisturiser to make sure they don’t get stretch marks. Moisturizing your skin makes it not dry so that your body sustains elasticity. When the skin is expanded and stretched is when it needs moisture the most so that it could maintain the elastic component.

Vitamin C | how to reduce loose skin in buttocks, arms and belly after weight loss and reduce stretch marks

A good moisturizer will tighten up the skin. Consuming vitamin C during your weight loss journey would have made a bigger impact on the body. Collagen requires vitamin C.So rather than just consuming a bunch of collagen and hoping for the best, try to get your body what it needs to support collagen production and formation in the body. Vitamin C is required to form the structures helping to build collagen. Collagen is an important component in skin structure and muscle structure.

What to consume? | how to reduce loose skin in buttocks, arms and belly after weight loss and reduce stretch marks

Ellagic acid berries

Get in some fruits like berries called Ellagic acid Berries. These are one of the highest forms of Ellagic acid. These Berries slow down the breakdown of collagen. So when you’re losing weight and you have lots of excess skin forming because the fats going away, you need to take extra efforts to reduce collagen breakdown and no amount of collagen coming into your body is going to help.


Garlic is high in caffeic acid. Caffeic acid stops the breakdown of collagen.

Witch Hazel

Now the other is Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel seems to have the opposite effect as a moisturizer. But Witch Hazel has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. So the body can neutralise what it needs to neutralise and get collagen. If you have too much inflammation occurring at the dermis of the skin, then it makes the body function less.

Green tea

There are foods that we can consume to increase autophagy. One of the best things that you can consume is green tea. Green tea stimulates autophagy activating a series of pathways.


Ginger plays a really big role in up-regulating autophagy as well. Adding ginger to your green tea will be effective. 

Curcumin and Reishi mushrooms

Curcumin and then Reishi mushroom is other foods that help you at the Genetic level. Consuming these foods makes our gene expression turn on the activation of collagen to start rebuilding collagen.

You’re never too old for this. You can restore your collagen and your skin. All you need to do is do some aggressive fasting. You might want to consider doing some longer fast. The important thing is not fasting frequently. But everything takes time. Doing only three days fast and expecting maximum results is not what you should do. The body should heal by itself. You need to give the tools that collagen can rebuild. The longer you keep going, the more the benefits show up

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