Scientific effect of green tea

In green tea, we still have to mention the weight loss effect because it does play a big role in fat burning. Drinking green tea increases your metabolism even when you are sedentary. Then it will be twice effective when you are active. After we consumed, the role of green tea within our body is very fascinating and important to know.

Norepinephrine stimulator | Scientific effect of green tea

Green tea promotes norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is very big when it comes down to fat burning. It’s a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. They are not just fancy words which make it sound smart. That’s the reality. Everything done inside our body gives out the outcome externally. Inhibitors prevent the inactivation of something known as CMD. It blocks your body’s enzyme that would normally block it from burning fat. So we can burn fat, but there’s always going to be an activity that stops that from occurring.

EGCG simulator (epigallocatechin 3 gallate) | Scientific effect of green tea

EGCG’s effect on norepinephrine

Now let’s go ahead and let’s jump into number 2, which is EGCG’s effect on the norepinephrine network when it comes down to fat burning. So now we know that norepinephrine helps us burn fat, right? It’s the catecholamine. It’s what is elevated when you work out. Thereby your heart rate goes up. When you’re fasting, your heart rate goes up. A little bit stressed? you have norepinephrine in adrenaline. This burns that we only wanted in small surges that we don’t want to chronically elevate. The interesting thing is EGCG, also known as epigallocatechin 3 gallate, which is the main catechin in green tea, actually stops the breakdown of norepinephrine. So we have a surge of norepinephrine that occurs because we have caffeine. Just because we worked out or whatever. But EGCG stops the breakdown of it, so it has a longer effect on our body. So that means rather than just having a quick surge of it, we get a little surge of it that lasts for a little bit longer, allowing fat to get mobilised that much better. You’re only getting that with green tea that has the EGCG in it. So it inhibits a specific enzyme known as catechol-o-methyltransferase. This enzyme would normally encourage the breakdown of norepinephrine. So right whenever we produce norepinephrine, we have an enzymatic activity that breaks it down. EGCG inhibits this methyltransferase. So EGCG’s making it so that enzyme doesn’t break norepinephrine down as fast. So it’s active in our body longer, which means we burn fat longer in.

EGCG’s effect on Cholecystokinin (CCK)

The next thing we have to talk about is EGCG’s effect on CCK because CCK is a satiety thing. It’s all about making you feel satiated. So we had an increase in CCK. We have a subsequent decrease in Hungary. It just slows down our gut motility. So that’s why I like green tea between meals is great because it makes you don’t get hungry. So not only do you get the fat-burning effects, but you’re also getting the appetite-suppressing effects which are super powerful. In addition to doing that, it has a big effect on dopaminergic activity within the brain, which means that you have bigger surges of dopamine that are more controlled.

Increases resting metabolism | Scientific effect of green tea

 Now we have to talk about what I think is the coolest number 4. Green tea legitimately increases your overall resting metabolism. According to studies 4% of your overall metabolism just increased by doing nothing simply because you had some green tea. So how does this work? Well, it works simply through a synergistic system between the two norepinephrine pathways. So basically the caffeine contains in green tea increases the amount of epinephrine. Then you have kind of a compound effect there, but it sort of magically creates a third Ave by the interaction in between. So think of it like this, it’s like a freeway that has two lanes and you have norepinephrine activity and you have these two lanes that are allowing you to burn fat, but then all of a sudden opens up into a third lane. Now you just opened up the floodgates and it works well right now. Additionally, with this study, people have found that there was a 40% increase in norepinephrine that was excreted through the urine. So even though the metabolism only went up 4%, they had an increase of norepinephrine by 40%. This indicates they were probably burning a lot more fat within that, increasing their metabolism. Now you’re getting the point that green tea is epic stuff.

L-theanine promotes the reduction of appetite | Scientific effect of green tea

The next thing you want to talk about is L-theanine. Theanine is great when it comes to serotonin and dopamine. That is why you feel good when you drink green tea. You feel calm and like you can take on the world l. That’s the L theanine doing its thing. It affects your dopamine serotonin so you feel nice and calm. Which affects fat burning. The miracle happens when dopamine is elevated. Then you don’t feel the desire to go snack and lunch. The other cool thing is its effect on the brain is increased alpha waves which make us feel calm and not have an appetite. The reason that nicotine makes people don’t have an appetite is that studies have shown that it increases the number of alpha waves. That’s what people are talking about with kind of that nicotine. Surprisingly,  you’re getting the same. Alpha wave correlation, but you’re getting Athenian, obviously a much safer way and much healthier for you long term. But it’s also going to make you not hungry, but feel kind of cool in the meantime. Theanine also affects nitric oxide. The endothelial layer of the arteries of our cells there actually produces more nitric oxide. Nitric oxide sounds like something you just want to take before a workout coz it gives you a bigger pump. Giving a bigger pump is just the secondary importance of nitric oxide. The major effect of it is it increases blood flow to increase nutrient delivery but also increases fat burning. Finally, we’ve got this superhighway of fat that’s burning and we just basically made it the autobahn instead. The body processors just get faster to give more blood flow, more fat burning, and more norepinephrine activity on fat burning.

Polyphenols improve the liver’s activity in metabolism | Scientific effect of green tea

 Lastly, the polyphenols in green tea are very powerful. This affects the liver. It increases glutathione peroxidase, which means that the liver can detox better. Consequently, you’ll able to process fats better. If you are in ketosis, for instance, your liver should not be tightened up. Your liver needs to be free and clear to package up fats into ketones and send them over to the cells for energy. So if your livers are clogged up, it’s not going to do anything respectively. The liver will be able to put the effort in all that, getting everything mobilized, thereby clearing the path to manufacture energy. Ultimately you burn that fat and use it for energy rather than just feel sluggish all the time.

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